KEMP Load Master R320

One of the load balancer vendors I have been working with quite a lot is Kemp, this shouldn’t be new I suppose. A typical load balancer is configured in a “2 armed” scenario: one NIC is connected to the ‘external network’ which typically is the...
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Heartbleed vulnerability, Exchange and load balancers

By now you should have heard about the heartbleed bug. This is a serious vulnerablility in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. In case you think “but I don’t use this open stuff” you’re wrong. You might not, but vendors might be. With the heartbleed...
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Exchange 2003 Support comes to an end

With all the buzz going on about end-of-support for Windows XP (April 8, 2014) I suddenly realized there are more Operating Systems and (Server Applications) that are about to hit the end-of-support date (but this was mentioned in a presentation on MEC 2014 as well...
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VSS Backups in Exchange

During MEC 2014 I delivered a presentation on “Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery” in Exchange 2013. In two demos I showed replay of transaction log files and an offline backup (see previous post) and what happens when creating a VSS snapshot using the low level...
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MEC RECAP – It was great

All good things come to an end and that’s also true for MEC 2014. On the day after MEC 2014 it is time to rethink the event. Overall it was an awesome event, despite the dull keynote session although the videos shown there were great,...
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AutodiscoverRedirect in Exchange 2013 SP1 on Windows 2012 R2

In earlier versions of Exchange you can use the Autodiscoverredirect option to retrieve autodiscover information if your primary SMTP domain in your email address does not match the domain name of the autodiscover DNS record in your Exchange deployment. You’ll face this issue when your...
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